week thirty


{this week’s photo shoot brought to you courtesy of Kaleb Kammerzell}

Merry Post Christmas and Happy Late Holidays, friends!

Not that you’re probably keeping track, but yes – this post is obscenely late. I am now more than halfway through week thirty-one. Nevermind that though. I’m pregnant and get to run on my own schedule. March to the beat of my own drum and all that.

According to TheBump, Baby is the size of a squash this week. A squash that has a foot permanently jammed into my bladder all the time now. Which is fine. Its done all in love, I”m sure. ;)

The craziness of the holidays kicked in last week and overwhelmed me which in turn made me dig in my heels and refuse to do almost anything. Such as cooking. Or cleaning the house beyond absolutely necessary duties. Seriously. I was even that person who put off wrapping gifts until Christmas Eve this year.

The intensity of my cravings has been increasing daily. During an absolutely lovely afternoon siesta, I dreamt of laying in the back of a pickup truck full of Cheetos and stuffing my face. Something that would never happen in real life because A) that would just be bad and B) I hate getting food on my fingers. Can you imagine me covered in messy orange spray-on cheesy crap? Ick.

I made some of these the other day and Holy Chocolate. They were yummy but by the time they were done being baked and frosted, this preggo was so sick to death of chocolate smell that I could only eat one. Now that we’re days past the Chocolate Overload, I’ve been eying the ones we have left and I’m pretty sure I can manage to devour a couple (or four). You should definitely make them. Be sure to have milk on hand though.

{ I won’t be wearing those jeans anymore, lol }

I’m having trouble fitting in my pants. And when I can get them on, they won’t stay up. Those secret fit belly pants are fantastic until your stomach is actually sticking out twice as far as your butt. Knowledge to file away and share with any friends who may be considering getting pregnant in the near future. I’m sticking to leggings, maternity hose and dresses-as-tunics. More more comfy and alot more stretchy.

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