miles: eighteen months


…plus a couple of weeks.

eighteen months | life of kamm

Are we really a year and a half into his life? Halfway through another year? It can’t be.

Miles, where are your eyes?

Every single moment seems to be the most important ever right as its happening but then time passes and blurs and only certain moments stand out.

Miles, where are your ears?

He’s fearless, loud, mischief and everywhere all at once. He adores his big brother. He’s an escape artist and a master climber. He talks fast and clear. Sings. Yells. Dances. Plays.

I’ve said it before. He’s just JOY. Plain and simple.

Miles, where are your feet?

I’m overflowing with all kinds of pregnancy hormones which are making me more weepy and wistful than I would normally be about the passage of time and the growing up of my boys.

But I feel justified. I mean, really…wouldn’t you?

Miles, one week old.

Miles, this morning.

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