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We’ve been keeping a pretty big secret.

We’re having another baby!

To say we’re excited is a total understatement.

Elated? Thrilled? Over the moon? Yeah, none of those really expresses the level of happy either.

You would not believe how hard its been to not spill the beans and shout it (figuratively, of course) from the rooftops. Seriously hard. Which was one of the biggest factors for me not posting much these last few months. I just couldn’t think of anything else to write about.

I’m just a few days past the halfway point right now, which is nice. The barfy, exhaustion of my first trimester is far behind me and I’m sitting pretty comfortably , if a little bit tired, right now. If this little person shows up when expected, we’re going to have a very Merry Christmas this year. ;)

Kaleb is really happy at the thought of another baby in the house. Miles is still so little that I don’t think he’s really going to get that a new little one is on the way until he can actually see the baby.

We have a midwife this time around and made the decision early on that we didn’t really need a first trimester ultrasound so up to this point, we’ve only had one. The BIG one. Any guesses as to whether a we’re adding a little lady or another young man  to the Kamm Fam?

I suppose I could put you out of your misery. We’ve got other secrets to be kept for the duration of this pregnancy, like baby’s name, so not telling you the gender would be pretty mean.








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  • Rita Gonzalez


    • Nakia

      Thank you Rita! We’re super excited.

  • blackandwhiteandlovedallover

    Aww, yay! I am just now seeing that you’re pregnant. Super big congrats!!!