Last weekend, we took the boys apple picking. Because apples are good. And picking our own farm fresh produce has turned into our newest, most favorite activity in the world.

What more can you ask for with rowdy boys.


I’m going to go off on a bit of a tangent here…I sit back and watch the boys and wonder if their sister is going to be into all of the messy things that have been such a big part of our lives these years. Running, rolling, yelling, fighting, monster trucks, light sabers. Or will she be the kind of girl who likes to play tea parties with her stuffed bears, while wearing frilly socks and and hats and gloves? Things that make you go hmmm. </tangent>

But this post is about apples so lets get back to that.

It took us all of twenty minutes to fill up our bags. We dragged our apples up to the register for weighing and found out we’d picked almost THIRTY pounds of apples. Good thing that they happen to be a favorite in our house. Otherwise, I’d be worried.

Needless to say, I am on the hunt for recipes that will help me use them all up. So if you’ve got any suggestions I welcome them.

So far, we’ve had sliced apples with this dip. Apple butter from this recipe.

I’ve got these recipes on standby and as soon as I have a chance to do more peeling and coring, I’ll get going on all of them.

apple fritter bread
caramel apple crisp
roasted apple churros
spiced apple pie cupcakes
cinnamon apple chips

We’re planning on going back out to the farm later on in autumn to do our pumpkin picking and to get some of those absolutely to die for apple fritter donuts that we had last year. I’m already drooling just thinking about them.


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