pretty little dollies


While out on one of my nearly hour-long Jo-ann’s Crafts shopping trips some months back, I ran across at pattern for the cutest dolls. At the time, we hadn’t yet found out we were having a little girl so I figured I’d pick up the pattern and make dolls for all the little girls in my  life to fulfill that need for cute, flowery, girly stuff.

Dork that I am, I came up with names and personalities for the dolls and I’ve already got visions of doll sized pillows and blankets and companions to be given as gifts in the future to go along with the dolls. Who knows, after more practice, I may start making these to sell in my shop.

Each of the dolls has been made with quilters cotton fabric, cotton embroidery thread, felt, and stuffed with hypo-allergenic fiberfill. I made sure to not include any buttons or snaps in order to make them baby and toddler friendly.

Anabel – she likes to spin around in her twirly dress and spends her time picking dandelions and making wishes. She likes corn dogs with mustard and would like a puppy one day.

One of my closest friends had a baby girl this summer, and while this is in almost no way a baby gift, I figured it would be something she could use once she was a little older and toddling around.

Phoebe Rose – she likes to ride her tricycle and eats strawberry popsicles daily. Her favorite thing in the world is to lay on the grass and watch the clouds cross the sky.

My niece just turned two years old and I only ever want to buy dolls and books for her, so making a doll wasn’t too far out of the realm of normal.

I finally got around (after weeks/months of them sitting on the bed in the spare bedroom) to mailing them off and I can’t wait until they arrive at their destinations.

And because I’m a procrastinator, I’ve got another one (that was supposed to be a summer birthday gift for another cute little girl) in the works right now. As soon as that one is done and put together, I’ll share.

*Question: Which types of eyes do you prefer on dolls? Open or closed? Take a look at Anabel and Phoebe Rose and let me know. I’m having trouble deciding.

Author: nakia

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  • Alison Obiorah

    Can you work both? I like the eyes close because the width fits better with the proportions of her face. But logic tells me that I want to see the dolls eyes open. Could you work both so that the closed eye become lashes to better frame the open eyes? Either way they are the cutest! WANT!!

    • Nakia

      Thanks for the suggestion Ali! I’ve got a few other ideas for eyes so we’ll see which ones end up being the cutest. :)