twenty-three weeks | life of kamm

twenty-three weeks


twenty-three weeks | life of kamm

I’ve been slacking. I keep intending to sit down and write up weekly posts and then Miles starts crying or Kaleb needs me or I’m exhausted and ready for a nap or or or.

But here I am. Week 23. Baby girl is kicking and rolling as expected. Measuring (by ultrasound and measuring tape) right on schedule for her Merry Christmas due date. We had a rockstar ultrasound tech a couple of days ago and without even asking, she printed off a couple of 3d pics for us. Right now, our little girl is looking like a combo of Kaleb and Miles, which of course means she’s super cute.

I still haven’t quite made it back up to pre-pregnancy weight but I’m still trucking along. Not that I relish gaining weight, but since its necessary and all – I’m using it as my excuse to eat donuts and pizza like they’re going out of style. ;)

My hip and back pain is a little worse with this pregnancy, but I’m pretty sure it has more to do with the fact that I’m bending and squatting and carrying around a toddler in addition to lugging around a big ol’ round belly.

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Saturday evening, I made my guys get dressed up (a little) to take me out to dinner. I wanted to get dressed pretty, do my hair and make up and eat yummy food. I had steak. It was delicious but not as delicious as I remember steak tasting when I wasn’t pregnant and I could still eat it medium rare. No bother… I’ll be asking Harry for mimosas and medium rare filet mignon at the hospital after Baby Churro makes her grand entrance.

twenty-three weeks | life of kamm

The dress is comfy fabulosity from MOMO Maternity. Its stretchy, lightweight, and just pretty. I’ve got my eye on a few more things from their website because I’m over being in jeans and t-shirts – for now at least.

I’ve also been taking fashion notes from Rebecca over at Girls Gone Child when it comes to dressing my belly. Maxi dresses have become my best friends. Its nice because most of mine aren’t maternity ones but they’re stretchy enough to fit nicely (and mostly flatteringly). Although, now that Washington fall and winter weather are going to be setting in soon – I see lots of short dresses over opaque tights or leggings in my future.

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twenty weeks

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