baby churro


Now that we are just over a week away from Baby Churro’s due date, it has occurred to me that we may one day be paying for therapy sessions stemming from the fact that I diary wrote my way through my first pregnancy, blogged my way through my second but haven’t done much in the way of documenting this pregnancy. That and the fact that she is going to be wearing more than a few of her brother’s hand-me-downs.

I’ll be honest. This pregnancy has kicked my ass. Truly.
And, really, No one told me how much harder it is to be pregnant while chasing around a toddler and keeping up with a pre-TWEEN. (I mean, of course it would be harder but I didn’t realize it would be this much harder…)

Despite that (or in spite of?) I couldn’t be happier to be having another baby.
Because, seriously. Babies: they’re pretty awesome.

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A note to baby: This post does not serve as your official EVICTION notice, but as a gentle reminder that life is better on the outside than it is on the inside.  ;)

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