happy list: six


Happy List: Six Happy List: Six Happy List: Six Happy List: Six Happy List: Six

 1. His joy at fun, silly things. | 2. This one is always going full speed. The quiet during his naps is very precious. | 3. Managing mundane tasks like grocery shopping without (too much) trouble. | 4. Having the chance to work on a project while keeping my littlest close. | 5. Snowball fights to signal the start of winter vacation. | 6. Gifts and goodies from a wonderful friend. | 7. That happy little smirk on her face and the look of total contentment on his. | 8. The pride on his face and the wonder on hers. | 9. Finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. | 10. Getting back to doing what I love. | more happy lists HERE

Author: nakia

Mama. Wife. Lover of unicorns, chocolate chip cookies and pepperoni pizza.