the circus has come to town | life of kamm | #thekammkids

the circus has come to town…


the circus has come to town | life of kamm | #thekammkids

You know when you’re sitting in the pediatrician’s waiting room for the fifth time in six weeks and you have all three kids and two of them are bored out of their mind and the one of them poops but you realize you only have diapers for the newborn not the toddler and you are so close to being called back into the exam room that you don’t have time to grab everyone and run to the car to grab diapers? That’s what I’m living right now…

* * *

I am starting to realize that I had absolutely no idea how much of change it would be going from two children to three. Things that were once easy to do (10 minute grocery store trips without a push cart or running around the corner to the mailbox) are no longer possible. Everything requires lots of forethought and preparation.

Do I need the baby sling?
Is it close enough that Miles can walk or should I grab the stroller?
Will I need both diaper bags or can I squeak by with two extra diapers per baby?
Should I wait until Kaleb is out of school so he can help?
Should I wait until Harry is home from work so I can leave the kids with him?
How many snacks will I need for Miles?
How long will we be in the car and is what I need to do worth the amount of carseat screaming Ame is going to do?
Will we be gone long enough that I need to bring something to keep Kaleb entertained?

Those are just a few of the questions that go through my mind every time I need to leave the house.

This week has been a little rougher than others because Harry has been out of town and I’ve been on my own with all of the kids. Its near freezing outside, so we’ve been cooped up only venturing out to run to the store, doctor’s appointments or Kaleb’s Taekwondo classes. Everyone has cabin fever, the boys are bouncing off the walls and Amelia wants nothing but to be held all.the.time.

Just a few weeks back, when we were still in the early days of having three children and had help from Harry’s mom and sisters, we would joke about our family being a circus. We bring the noise, the commotion, and the crazy wherever we go. *shrugs*

Oh well…

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