happy list: seven


Its been such a long time since I’ve visited this little space and even longer since I’ve thought to sit down and write something here.

Life with three children has been wild. Chaos, noise, laughter and tears reign supreme.

We’ve had so much going on lately that it would be impossible to recount each and every thing.

Prepare yourself for the massive happy list ahead…

* * *

1. A most handsome lunch date | 2. Using whatever tools he can to do what he loves
3. Nothing better than surprise treats in the mail | 4. Heroic work requires ice cream
5. Booties made by a great-great-great aunt | 6. Adoptions are best celebrated with dessert
7. Looking way too grown up with his new haircut | 8. Chocolate to ring in his 9th year
9. Plant starts almost ready to be put in the ground | 10. Work + Coffee

11. Proud yellow belt | 12. This is what they do while mommy is exercising
13. Mustaches on babies are hilarious | 14. CarbLove
15. My new sewing spot is comfortable and relaxing | 16. Sunshine & warmth
17. SPRING | 18. Kaleb’s first meal request when Nana got into town was gumbo. Of course
19. All three Kamm Kids smiling and looking in the same direction is a rarity | 20. My favorite doll so far

Author: nakia

Mama. Wife. Lover of unicorns, chocolate chip cookies and pepperoni pizza.