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My to-do list is

Out. Of. Control.


I chronically over-commit.
And I chronically procrastinate.
I love projects. I love lists.
I just have trouble when it comes to prioritizing and executing.
I can’t really even point at motherhood as being the culprit – I’ve always been this way to some extent.

I took time off this summer to spend my days out in the garden, running through the sprinklers and just enjoying the kids.

Now that fall is here, the cooler weather will be keeping us indoors more often. When the weather is bad, we craft. The boys paint and glue and draw. I sew and sew and sometimes crochet but almost always sew – although I’m not sure how much will be happening now that Ame is mobile and less apt to hang out in the sling without trying to make a grab for anything that comes within a few feet of her.

This isn’t a complete project list, but its close.

The To-Do List

Things for me

Things for others

  • Mr. Incredible costume - Miles – Store bought Bumblebee costume
  • Captain America costume – Kaleb – Store bought Optimus Prime costume
  • Olivia the Pig costume – Amelia completed 10/31/2014. blogged.
  • Toddler quilt & pillow cases – Sophie
  • Crib/Toddler quilt & pillows – Amelia
  • Cosi swimsuit, nylon spandex in mint & magenta – Amelia
  • Kitten dress – Amelia
  • Family photo dress – Amelia
  • “Stuff” bag for little toys – Miles
  • Fabric storage bings – Kaleb, Miles & Amelia
  • Flannel pj pants, – Kaleb, Miles & Amelia
  • Various Christmas gifts for family

Things for our home

  • Autumn dinner place mats
  • Throw pillow covers

I’m going to spend the next couple of months busting through this massive to-do list while still cooking, cleaning, being mom and wife. Eek! See? Chronic over-comitter. My goal is that by the end of December, I’ll have a stack of finished things to show off rather than an “Oh, I’ll get to that one day” pile.


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  • Jen Fimbres

    Well- the only thing I would add is start on those Halloween costumes and Autumn placemats before the season is over. ;-)

    • Nakia

      Haha! I ended up going the store bought route for the boys. We picked up Bumblebee and Optimus Prime costumes today and they’re a lot happier than they would have been with anything I could have made.