January 23, 2014
by nakia

amelia: one month

amelia: one month

Today, Amelia is one month old.

She’s fit seamlessly into our little(big) family as if fate always knew she was supposed to be here. There is no little girl more loved than our Amelia Rose. She has an army of arms ready to hold her any time of the day.

amelia: one month

Every day, a little more of her personality emerges. She is constantly alert; hands and feet in constant motion, head bobbing and turning from side to side, eyes wide and watchful. She makes soft kitten noises and is quick to show off her dimple with lots of smiles. She takes Miles’ displays of affection in stride. She sleeps (beautifully) for hours on end and still has to be awakened to nurse most nights.

Kaleb is my fun. Miles is my joy. They are both loud, boisterous and constantly moving. They’ve pretty much always been that way.

amelia: one month

I think Amelia is going to be my calm.
Maybe even quiet.
We’ll see. ;)

amelia: one month

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January 19, 2014
by nakia

happy list: six

Happy List: Six Happy List: Six Happy List: Six Happy List: Six Happy List: Six

 1. His joy at fun, silly things. | 2. This one is always going full speed. The quiet during his naps is very precious. | 3. Managing mundane tasks like grocery shopping without (too much) trouble. | 4. Having the chance to work on a project while keeping my littlest close. | 5. Snowball fights to signal the start of winter vacation. | 6. Gifts and goodies from a wonderful friend. | 7. That happy little smirk on her face and the look of total contentment on his. | 8. The pride on his face and the wonder on hers. | 9. Finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. | 10. Getting back to doing what I love. | more happy lists HERE

January 6, 2014
by nakia

five on five: january

I’m totally weird and have major anxiety at the thought of handing my camera to strangers and asking them to take photos of us which results in almost no photos of all of us together. We have tons of photos of the boys and I and tons of Harry and the boys but few of us together as a family. Which kind of messes things up when you’re trying to plan out a photo wall in your home. 

This is going to be the year to fix that.

One of my goals for 2014 is to take more photographs as a family.

On the fifth of every month for the entire year, we will be taking family photos.

five on five: january

nakia + harrykaleb + miles

Getting five people together, smiling and looking at the camera at the same time is a bit of a circus. I’m sure that when we look back on these photos at the end of the year, it will give us a good laugh to remember that Miles was trying his hardest to get away because he hadn’t been outside to play since the last day of fall and Kaleb kept looking off into space imagining the next Lego creation he was going to build and Amelia woke up screaming after a two hour nap because it was cold outside and she needed a diaper change.

five on five: january

How often do you take family photos? Are you usually the one in front of or behind the camera?